Having a baby is the best thing in the world because the home is full of laughter, not to mention that kids are simply adorable. Having children is fulfilling at such a fundamental level that there are hardly words to explain it. Surprising or not, the choices that you make for your little one can negatively affect the environment, so when caring for your baby, you need to think twice before taking action. Your goal is to raise a child with zero carbon footprint, so invest in sustainable baby products you can feel good about. Simply start there.

Cloth Diapers

According to environmental agencies, disposable diapers have a significant impact on the depletion of the ozone layer, in addition to the fact that the manufacturing process results in a larger carbon footprint. Disposable diapers come in handy, as they are easy to use and have a higher absorption capacity, not to mention they do not require washing. Maybe so, yet these products end up in the landfills and pose serious risks to the environment. Just think about all the diapers that you are throwing away. You are better off using reusable cloth diapers, which at the same time save you money and protect the earth. You throw the cloth in the washing machine, just like you would do with a towel, and speed wash using cold water. More and more parents opt for cloth diapers and so should you, even if this means dealing with extra laundry.

Non-Toxic Car Seats

High levels of toxic flame-retardant chemicals can be found in popular infant car seat brands. The reason why these chemicals are so dangerous is that they inhibit the body’s hormones, being linked in the past to diabetes, stroke, and even cancer. Put simply, safety protection and chemical exposure go hand in hand. The best infant car seats do not contain flame retardants and it is worth mentioning that, at present, many manufacturers have introduced non-toxic car seats. Physical safety may be the main concern when you buy a car seat for your precious little one, but, as a parent, you cannot afford to ignore chemical safety. The baby will make regular contact with the seating, which is why you need to choose wisely when it comes to infant car seats.

Slow Fashion Items

Fast fashion is all about quantity and not quality. When you rush into the stores, steer away from inexpensive clothing that is produced by mass-market retailers because the garments that end up in the landfills cause environmental damage. The fashion industry, meaning the one who makes clothing for babies, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions due to the intense production. Opt for baby clothes with a low carbon footprint. What you have to do is select a brand that rejects the principles of slow fashion and has a different approach to making clothes. This way, you will reduce your infant’s emissions per wear. It is not hard to come by sustainable and organic baby clothing brands, but you just have to look hard enough.

To sum up, there are many ways to lessen your baby’s carbon footprint. As a parent, you are not only responsible for making sure that your kid does not hurt themselves and have to do everything possible to ensure your family’s carbon footprint does not increase.